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There exists a sweeping knowledge about fitness and nutrition; however, it is more often than not that this knowledge is hard to come by in simple, easy-to-understand form. Filling in this lacuna, Norbert D'Souza published his first book, titled "H.A.B.I.Ts", aimed at fitness for ladies, although men and youth alike can benefit from this basic yet effective book on workouts and eating right. "H.A.B.I.Ts", an acronym for Hips, Abs, Butt, and Inner Thighs, explains in pictorial form exercises to help trim inches from these specific areas of the body, the lower body being a zone where most ladies tend to pile on the fat. The book is designed to assist a first time exerciser work out with ease, and an advanced fitness freak achieve results with high intensity workout schedules. Each page of the book is self-explanatory as exercise combinations and workout schedules are listed systematically, with step-by-step depictions of the right form and technique of each exercise, making the exercises easy to understand and follow. The book also has an entire section dedicated to nutrition and eating healthy. Exercises in the run-up to your wedding day and workouts targeted for the pregnant woman are also dealt with in the book. "H.A.B.I.Ts" also addresses the need for strength training and improving bone health in women as well as answers "frequently asked questions" concerning fitness and health. The book also helps you understand about exercise injuries - their causes, prevention and treatment.

"H.A.B.I.Ts" is a good buy for all those learning to begin a structured exercise regimen in the confines of their home but don't know how to begin! The book is available at leading book stores across Goa as well as all 3 branches of Norbert's Fitness Studio.

Sensing the lack, and the urgent need, of basic information amongst the lay population concerning common lifestyle disorders, Norbert and Sheryl brought together their combined knowledge in their respective fields in the form of 4 fundamental booklets on Diabetes, Cholesterol & Heart Disease, Obesity and Women's Health.

The booklets explain the causes, risk factors, prevention, complications and management (dietary, exercise and medical) of each of these widespread conditions that plague the population at an early age today. They emphasize the need to incorporate healthy living practices so as to add life to years. The booklets also include interesting nuggets of information on each disorder and serve to dispel "old wives' tales" regarding these universal disorders. Each booklet also provides a dietary overview to help in the easy management of the problem, and encapsulates everything there is to know about the condition in an uncomplicated manner, making understanding and adherence easy. The booklets are available at a nominal fee at all 3 branches of Norbert's Fitness Studio.