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With the ever increasing level of competition, athletes have come to realize the importance of year round training programs that incorporate all areas of training specific to his/her sport. We offer quality services and programs for athletes who want that "..edge over their competition" Our Sport Specific Training programs are individually designed to meet the specific needs of each athlete so that they may reach their true potential in the shortest time possible. Programs are based on player's sport, age, sex, physiological profile, previous conditioning experience and are periodized based on a yearly cycle. Custom programs include: warm-up, cool-down, recovery, flexibility, cardiovascular, anaerobic/interval training, weight training, nutrition, plyometrics, medicine ball, abdominal/core training, agility, and balance/coordination.

Sport Specific Training provides conditioning programs for sports such as; cricket basketball, football, Tennis, badminton, swimming, table tennis and track athletes plus many more!