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Norbert's Fitness Studio has a dedicated team of highly enthusiastic trainers, guided by Norbert, who steer the members through their workout routine, helping them achieve peak fitness. It is from Norbert that all the trainers at Norbert's fitness studio Derive inspiration to drive their individual clients to the limit of fitness satisfaction.

The Instructors at NFS are a well-trained (by Norbert himself) bunch of young lads who are as enthusiastic in the fitness programmes as Norbert himself. Being attentive to the needs of every member and motivating each member to work out even on a not-so-good day is how NFS ensures member satisfaction.

"Enhance your Health with the right blend of Exercise and Food"
is the philosophy at Norbert's Fitness Studio, and Norbert is of the firm opinion that there is absolutely no reason why you cannot improve your health and fitness, irrespective of your age or current fitness level, as he along with his boys egg each member on to achieve, and then overachieve, their fitness goals!