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Norbert's Fitness Studio has striven, over the last 15 years, to drive home the message of "Fitness for All". In our endeavour to dispel from people's minds the popular notion that a gym is for body builders only, we have designed programmes suited to all ages, gender and workout goals. One can choose from over 24 weight loss, inch loss, weight gain, muscle building and body toning programmes or opt for a general fitness membership - all workouts being personally supervised so as to ensure correct form and technique, and motivate members towards exercising at the right intensity in a bid to meet their goal. Weekly reviews of member progress are maintained and immediate adjustments in diet and exercise made, if required.

Each prospective member at Norbert's Fitness Studio is important to us, and their health more so, as we personally counsel them so as to understand their need for joining the gym and their past or existing medical conditions, if any, before a programme is suggested to them. Member satisfaction is our priority, and we assure the same by offering a hygienic and comfortable workout environment coupled with trained and dedicated staff. The Fitness Trainers at Norbert's Fitness Studio have been personally trained in exercise techniques and workout combinations by Norbert himself, and are taught to instill exercise discipline in members as they exude a perfect blend of a no-nonsense attitude and gentle but firm prodding.

We, at Norbert's Fitness Studio, believe in a holistic approach to help reach your fitness target, and thus emphasize consistency in exercising as well as dietary control, a combination of which is proven to keep disorders at bay and guarantee a relatively disease-free existence. The exercise schedules at the gym are well-researched and scientifically drawn-up so as to prevent and alleviate injury while helping you meet your target and enjoy exercising. The diet plans are balanced, wholesome, offer variety and guide you and your family towards cooking and eating healthy for life. Natural foods are promoted while offering suggestions on how to curb and balance cravings, binges, order when dining at restaurants, and including the one-off alcoholic beverage. The dietary suggestions are also varied depending on medical conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, osteoporosis, cardiovascular disease, thyroid problems, PCOD, etc.

At Norbert's Fitness Studio, we ensure permanent weight loss, weight gain, muscle building and body toning with the help of maintenance plans that can be executed at the gym or even at home. These include a blend of dietary advice and easy-to-follow workout routines. Norbert's Fitness Studio is committed towards ensuring a healthier, stress-free life, and our results speak volumes.

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